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Watch Legend of Korra Episodes Online. Avatar Legend of Korra is the sequel to the original series Avatar The Last Airbender. After three books(seasons) and 61

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About The Legend of Korra Welcome to the world of The Avatar, where some humans have the power to manipulate earth, air, fire or water, and others will stop at nothing to take that power away. Able to bend all four elements, the Avatar must maintain peace.

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Apr 14, 2012 · The Legend Of Korra is a very worthy successor of the first series. It’s a totally different environment, and the circumstances are also entirely different, but you can see that the makers of the series have put a lot of work and effort in the second series.


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Avatar: The Legend of Korra Description: Plot Summary:The new series will take place seventy years after the end of the Avatar: The Last Airbender story arc, with new characters and settings.[4] The protagonist of the new series, Korra, the Avatar after Aang, is a hot-headed and rebellious young woman from the Southern Water Tribe who is “ready

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Bonus: The Legend of Korra Book 3 Trailer The Legend of Korra returns with Book Three: Change. The epic new season is filled with new characters, adventures, and more.


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In THE LEGEND OF KORRA, decades after the Hundred Year War restored balance to the four nations under Avatar Aang, his passing leaves uncertainty among the population of Republic City. Unrest develops between the benders and the non-benders who reside there.

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Either way, I’ve played through multiple times and I enjoyed it immensely. It may only appeal to fans of the show, but if you are a fan you’ll appreciate the visual style, voice talent (mostly Korra), the animated cut scenes, and all the little charming references to both Korra and Avatar.

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