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age calculator: how old are you in years, months, weeks, days, minutes, or seconds??? Exactly how old are you??? birthday: time of birth (optional) How will my cake look? (Look at candles for 0 to 999 birthdays.) Place Value Party (Trade candles on 2 big cakes.) Elapsed Time Calculator

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Age Calculator. Age Calculator accurately calculates your exact age and tells you, how old are you now? Please choose your birthday in the day, month, year and optianally your birth time in the hour, minute format to learn the answer for “how old am i?” Also, your age as total days will be calculated.

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After entering your birth day click on the submit button & it will automatically calculate your exact age today in years, days, hours & minutes. If you wanted to know how old you were when something happened in the past, simply enter the date of the event at the top part of the calculator & it will calculate how old you were then.

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How Old am I? You Frantically think. I was 30 a while back, but I think that was last year What year is it? Mentally, you work some math, but you’re still not sure that’s correct. That’s where comes in Forgot how old you are? No problem. Just plug in the Month, Day and Year of your birth and find out exactly how old you are.

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How old am I? With my age calculator, you can find out how many years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds have passed since you were born. Should you wish to learn more about your birthday, including your star sign, Chinese zodiac sign, birthstone and the song that was number one on your birthday, give the birthday calculator a try.. Alternatively, if you want to find out how many hours or

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Are you a toddler, a child, an adolescent, or an adult? Take this quiz to find out how old you really are mentally!


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The Gregorian calendar is used for dates on and after October 15, 1582 A.D. and the Julian calendar is used before October 4, 1582.

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So, the next time you ask yourself, “how old am I?”, think about the life you’re currently living—and how different it might have been 100, 500, or even 1,000 years ago.

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How Old Are You Actually? Age is just a number, right? Posted on April 14, 2014, 21:54 GMT Show me how old I am! Share On facebook Share. Share On vk Share. Share On pinterest

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Welcome to How old are you? Enter your birthday below. Month Day Year (optional) Hour Minute Second Your next birthday is in . You have been alive for . You have been alive for . You age is about . Did you find us useful? Please consider supporting the site with a small donation.

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age calculator: how old are you in years, or months, or weeks, or days, or minutes, or seconds??? We suggest you use the new Math Cats age calculator, which tells the day of the week, lets you set the hour and minute, displays a place value cake on birthdays

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