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All items are weighted down by a specially made grid, to help ensure everything is fully immersed in the solution. How does it work: 1) Fill the Milton Sterilising Unit with 5 litres of cold water. 2) Add 2 half caps (30ml) of Milton Fluid, or 1 Milton Tablet (0.6% concentration v/v).


Milton Professional Cold Water Steriliser | cold water

The Milton Professional Steriliser is a specially designed 5 litre container for cold water sterilising. It has a lockable lid, carry handle, and a weighted grid which keeps items fully submersed in the solution.


Combi Steriliser | Milton

The Milton Combi steriliser is universal and will take 5 wide neck bottles of any brand. Can I wash the Combi parts in the dishwasher? The Combi has been designed to be …

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Sterilising Methods ALWAYS CLEAN FIRST. Whatever the method you choose, always give a thorough wash to all the items that you wish to sterilise. Take special care to clean teats, bottle rings where milk residue can easily be trapped. The Milton Method (cold water method) Requires Milton Sterilising tablets or Fluid with a plastic

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Jul 27, 2013 · I used a steam steriliser for DS1 and it was a real pain. I bought a Milton cold water steriliser at a car boot for £2 when pregnant with DS2 and it was so much better!

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Jul 09, 2011 · Ive bought the milton cold water steriliser and was just wondering what were your experineces of it? I originally thought it was a great idea, but am now doubting myself a little. Does it make the bottles and teats have a strong chemical taste or smell? xx

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Mar 22, 2016 · Hello followers, todays Vlog is a demonstration of the Milton Cold Water Sterilising Unit, looking at how to use the traditional cold water method.

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Sterilise in Just 15 Minutes – Milton Method

The Milton Sterilisation Method has been trusted for almost 100 years, due to its reliable effectiveness and ease. Cold water sterilisation offers a wide range of advantages over heat sterilisation.

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Milton’s cold water solution uses sterilising tablets (a pack of 28 is included; thereafter around £1.50 per box), dissolved into water. The solution will keep items sterile for 24 hours before the container needs to be refilled, so equipment can be dropped in at any point in the day, and retrieved 15 minutes later.

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Tommee Tippee bottle steriliser with 5 bottles, hardly used. Bedale, North Yorkshire Tommee Tippee bottle steriliser and 5 bottles of various sizes & anti-colic.

Milton Combi – Microwave or Cold Water Steriliser

The Milton Combi Steriliser is a 2 in 1 product that allows for either cold water or microwaving sterilisation. The Milton Combi Steriliser can hold up to 5 bottles and takes 2 minutes for microwave sterilisation or 15 minutes for cold water sterilisation.

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