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Using a FireSteel to light a fire is very easy once you learn and apply the basic principles. Just like learning how to use a match, once you learn how to use a FireSteel you will have the ability to make a fire with a FireSteel quickly and easily.

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Tinder is the Catch. An effective technique with damp or poor tinder is to scrape flakes of the firesteel material onto/into the tinder before you try to ignite it. You can use the spine of your knife or your scraper to slowly and deliberately scrape slivers of the material onto the tinder without generating sparks.

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This video teaches you how to use a Firesteel. This is part of our Bushcraft basics series and we believe learning how to master the Fire Steel is an important skill to learn.

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Aug 19, 2010 · I know this is a basic skill, but it seems like people always have questions about how to use a firesteel. So, here is my take on it.

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Using Swedish FireSteel to Ignite Tinder: 4 Steps

Using Swedish FireSteel to Ignite Tinder: This instructable will introduce the basics of starting a fire by method of Swedish FireSteel. FireSteel easily ignites damp tinder with a spark in excess of 3000 degrees Celsius (5500 degrees Fahrenheit). This method of fire making is also bene

How to Use the Web-Tex ‘Steel of Fire’ Firesteel

How to use the Web-Tex Steel of Fire Firesteel is a simple guide to help people with little experience of firesteels to get the best use out of these fantastic survival tools. A brief explanation of the components of a firesteel along with instructions to help you use it more efficiently.

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Fat Rope Stick is a portable, packable, clean, efficient, and weather-resistant fire-starting tinder. It can be lit with a variety of common methods from lighters, matches, but is specially designed to work with ferrocerium rods, also known as ferro rods or firesteels.

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Why use a traditional firesteel? Since the initial development of the flint and steel approach many centuries have passed and some people argue that there’s no longer a need to make fire using a traditional firesteel.

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I use Niagara chert because it’s easy to find in my area – several unglaciated areas have chert deposits that are easy to harvest. The ideal flint for striking a spark has …

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