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Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head is a resoundingly Pure Spirit. It’s not what we add to our vodka that makes us unique, it’s what we don’t add. Unlike many other premium vodkas, Crystal Head does not contain any glycol, citrus oils or raw sugars. Our unparalleled smoothness is achieved naturally.

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Country of origin: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Crystal Head (by Dan Aykroyd) New Foundland Vodka 750ML

Dan Aykroyd Vodka. Crystal Head Pure Spirit New Foundland Vodka 750ML is a pure spirit with no additives. It is quadrupled distilled and filtered three times through charcoal followed by triple filtration over Herkimer crystals from one of the planets rarest deposits of close concentrated semi-precious stones by Dan Aykroyd. 627040411414

Crystal Head Vodka | Buy Crystal Head Vodka Online

Crystal Head Vodka from Dan Aykroyd is all natural and uses no additives, citrus, sugars, flavorings and glycol that many other vodka companies use. Crystal Head Vodka is the purest vodka on the market and is distilled four times and filtered three times, giving it a smooth pure taste.

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Crystal Head Vodka By Dan Aykroyd 1.75L – Crown Wine & Spirits

Brought to us by Dan Aykroyd, known for his fascination with the invisible world, Crystal Head Vodka ties in with the story of the 13 Crystal Heads that have been unearthed at various times on our planet from the Yucatan to Tibet.

Price: 101.99

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